in support of Kate & Nicole and the Canandian Alopecia Areata Foundation

September 12-18 2016

Since opening LOVEPIZZA in early 2016, we've had the absolute pleasure of getting to know YOU - our customers! Many of you are also small business owners and we've had a lot of stories to swap.... I was asked to stop by Sweet Jolie, a local Edmonton boutique to take some photos for their monthly feature This is a local company made up of amazing and inspiring ladies. They love Edmonton and are very active in their community with fundraising events and helping out with different causes in any way they can. We partnered up with Sweet Jolie's owner Nicole in September 2016 for a LOVEPIZZA Gives week to bring awareness to a something very close to her heart - her beautiful daughter Kate who has Alopecia.. We truly believe our city is only as strong as the people in it - and from what I've seen from our wonderful customers... Edmonton is pretty darn strong


photo by Teresa Bolinski

One Saturday afternoon I got to do one of my favourite things. I had the pleasure of sitting down with a giggly, smiling 5 year old sweetheart who let me have a bite of her Peach Pie. Kate is energetic, chatty and so sweet. She is a six year old. She also has Alopecia. An auto-immune disease that for unknown reasons attacks the hair root and causes hair loss. She has no hair on her head, no eyebrows and is starting to lose her eyelashes. Currently there is no cure and many of the treatments are very painful.

After having the pleasure of getting to know her momma, Nicole and what an amazing role model she is for Kate - I just know this little girl is going to grab life by the horns and become such an amazing spokeslady for Alopecia. During this week in September our team made 1492 pizzas last week so we will proudly be sending a cheque CANAAF for $1500 dollars to go to research and awareness campaigns for Alopecia. Something to take away from this LOVEPIZZA Gives week... "we are all different" and that is the beauty in humanity.