supporting Patrycia

May 29 - June 5 2016

What can we say about Patrycia. She is EVERYONE's cheerleader. She is the first to jump to volunteer, to show up to your events and be your loudest cheerleader. She has the warmest smile, the best hugs and the biggest heart - and she has MS. AND she loves our Holy Shiitake! Prior to the MS Bike tour in 2016 we hosted a LOVEPIZZA Gives week to raise money for her team, since then we've also chowed down on all of the Teen Burgers we could possibly eat when they do the MS Society fundraiser with A&W. 


Diagnosed with MS in 2012, Patrycia is the tireless spokesperson and voice for the MS Society and is a constant resource and pillar of support for those who have been suffering from MS for years or those who have been recently diagnosed. The pizza count for this LOVEPIZZA Gives week was 1979! So we rounded up and donated $2,000 to Patrycia's team and the MS Society.

Our customers support us and we support our customers!