January 25 2017 - supporting Zebra Child Protection Centre

For our first birthday we decided to do a BOGO ... all day. A bit of a silly idea in hindsight... umm yep. We were literally lined up out the door, across the front of our shop and around the corner... for 10 hours straight. IN JANUARY IN EDMONTON.It was the biggest single day that we have had a LOVEPIZZA. As a team we made 822 pizza -IN ONE DAY.

1 year.jpg


Anyways, we decided to do a BOGO and donate $1 from each pizza we sold to Zebra Child Protection Centre AND collect (and match cash donations). Why did we choose Zebra to partner with on this big day? 

Do do you have a child, niece, nephew, grandchild or friend between the ages of 0-17 years old? Think about those children. Imagine them being in an unthinkable situation of being mentally, physically or sexually abused. It makes me sick to my stomach. In 2016 alone the Zebra Centre supported 1,515 kids - that's an average of 126 per month. In a perfect world Zebra wouldn't have to exist, but sadly that's not our reality. The work that Zebra does is SO important.


At the end of the day we donated $1470 to Zebra,and since then we have jumped at the chance to support this amazing organization in anyway we can including serving pizza before the Ladies on the Green golf tournament - a day that raised over $61,000! Amazing!!