Q: Do you make all of your dough in your restaurant?

A: Yes. All 4 types of our dough (traditional, organic whole wheat, gluten free, keto) are made in our restaurant, they are all our recipes.

Q: What type of flour is your traditional dough made of?

A: An Italian flour called Caputo 00, it is the top choice for flour.

Q: What type of flour is used in your whole wheat dough?

A: It is 100% organic whole wheat flour from our friends at Gold Forest Grains in Sturgeon County, just a few minutes away from our St Albert store.

Q: What is in your gluten free dough?

A: We use Cup4Cup flour, it does contain milk powder so it is not vegan or dairy free. It is all prepared and rolled in house and stored in a sealed container to reduce the risk of cross contamination. Information and ingredients for this flour can be found here:

Q: What is in your keto crust and what are the macros?

A: It is a modified fathead dough recipe. It contains cheese, butter, coconut flour, psyllium husk and egg. It is quite the process to create this crust in our restaurants but we see the importance of a good quality crust as a foundation for our pizzas. The macro information for our keto crust is as follows:

Calories 673, Fat 51g, Protein 38g, Net Carbs 9.3g

Q: What is semolina flour?

A: It keeps the pizza crust from sticking to the dough roller (when we roll out our traditional and whole wheat crusts) and the pizza pan. Semolina is not used with our gluten free or keto crusts.


Q: What is Fior di Latte?

A: Creamy, fresh Mozzarella

Q: What is in your House Blend?

A: Shredded Mozzarella, Monterey Jack, Parmesan

Q: What is Grana Padano?

A: A hard cow’s milk cheese, similar to Parmesan but more sharp


Q: How does this place work?

A: You may choose a signature pizza from our menu, our monthly feature pizza or create your own.

If you are making a “Build Your Own” you choose your crust, sauce, cheese, up to 4 pre oven toppings are included. Your pizza goes into the oven and on the other side you can choose up to 3 post oven finishes as well as any drizzles or spices from the finishes bar. Any additional pre oven or post oven toppings are an additional charge.

We also have three signature salads to choose from that are made to order.

Q: How big are your pizzas?

A: Our pizzas are about 6” wide by 17” long, equivalent to a 10” or 11” traditional round pizza. Our kids cut for those 10 and under are about half that size.

Q. How long do the pizzas take to cook?

A. Each pizza takes about 2 minutes 30 seconds to cook in our oven, which is set at 515 degrees. Please keep in mind that every pizza we serve is made to order.

Q: Do you offer delivery? Do you have delivery restrictions?

A: Yes and Yes. You can find the delivery times for each restaurant as well as the maps that show our delivery zones when you click the “i” icon (info) on our online ordering site. Delivery times and fees are also listed here. We do not deliver every where in the city because it is important to us that you are getting a great product.

Q: Do you have menus?

A: We have take away menus in both of our restaurants as well as a full menu on our website

Q. Do you have an allergy guide available?

A. Yes we do, upon request electronically (send us an email to or we have it posted in the store for our staff to show you

Q. Do you have nutritional information available for your pizzas?

A. No, we do not at this time.

Q. Do you cater for office meetings, weddings, birthdays etc.?

A. Most definitely! Please either place the order through our website at click “order now” OR send us an email at if you have any questions or if the event is very large or at a time that delivery is not available through our online ordering.

Q: Do you take reservations?

A: We have walk in seating for 50 seats (downtown) and 70 seats (St Albert), we do not have a hostess due to the set up of our restaurant but we can accommodate reservations for parties of 10 or more guests. Please call the restaurant or send us an email to

Q. Do you have highchairs and change tables in your restaurant?

A. Yes! We have 4 high chairs downtown and about 6 in St Albert (plus booster seats) and both the men’s and women’s washrooms are equipped with change tables. As new parents, these were two important things to have in our restaurants.

Q: How do you ensure your gluten free is kept gluten free?

A: We keep our dough and pans that we use for gluten free pizza assembly in a separate area on the line that does not come into contact with gluten. We use an upside down tray to raise the pan off of the counter. We use separate spatulas to spread the sauce on the gluten free pizza and we use separate tongs and cutters to remove your pizza from the oven and cut it on your tray/box. Even with all of these steps, we are a pizza restaurant that has flour so we can not 100% guarantee no cross contamination for extreme gluten intolerances. Our disclaimer on our menu states this as well.

Q: I am allergic to nuts, is there a risk to me at your restaurant?

A: All ingredients on our pizza line are NUT FREE including our pesto sauce. We have walnuts in a covered insert on our salad table. The risk of cross contamination is very low.

Q: I am vegan, can I eat your pizza?

A: Definitely! We have traditional and organic whole wheat options, Daiya mozzarella and our vegan ingredients are marked with a (v) on the service line and menus. We have a wide range of delicious options!

Q: Is LOVEPIZZA a chain?

A: LOVEPIZZA is a two shop restaurant company which started as a corporately run, family business by husband and wife team, Gavin and Braede. We are proudly an Edmonton based company that is now starting to grow our brand with the right people through franchising. We recently just sold our downtown restaurant to our first franchisees – JP & Ardis, they are brothers and they love pizza!

Q: Is the story on the wall true?

A: Yes, Braede and Gavin had their first date at a local pizza shop in downtown Edmonton, fell in love, got married and shortly after having their son, opened the first location on 109th Street and Jasper.