LOVEPIZZA was created around the belief that it could be more than just a pizza shop. The belief that it could become a meaningful part of people’s lives - creating memorable experiences both inside the walls of the restaurants and beyond. That it could be an actively engaged member of the community and have a tangible, positive impact, and while doing all this make some of the best pizza you’ve ever had.

To sum it up LOVEPIZZA is about creating memorable experiences around:

People - those who work with us, those who visit us and those in our community.

Places - whether it’s in one of our restaurants, on the couch at home or a community hall in the countryside there is a spot for LP.

Pizza - we make a lot of pizza, and it is delicious.

We are looking for community minded, hard working, passionate individuals that want to run a great business, make a positive impact in their community and put smiles on their guest faces every day. If that sounds like you, keep reading below and fill out a Franchise Application. We would love to chat with you.



As we said above LOVEPIZZA is about more than just making pizza. When it comes to bringing new franchise owners onto our team we are searching for people who look at the world and want to do more. So what exactly does that mean?


personality traits

These are some of the key characteristics that we are looking for in LOVEPIZZA franchise owners:

  • A passion for guest service and a desire to put a smile on peoples faces

  • A love of pizza and a love of quality, real food

  • Community oriented with a desire to improve the lives of those around them

  • Hard working, passionate, energetic and ready to roll up their sleeves day in and day out

  • A desire to help others learn and grow, a passion to lead a team and help them excel

  • Outgoing and personable with a desire to be the face of their business

  • A general sense of curiosity and an ongoing desire to learn


relevant skills

While it is not necessary that you have all of these it would definitely be helpful to have some:

  • Restaurant ownership, management or supervisory experience

  • Experience working in a kitchen

  • Strong leadership abilities and a track record of developing talent in your teams

  • A general understanding of business financials

  • The ability to follow a system and execute at a high standard

  • An eye for detail and a passion for cleanliness and organization

  • The ability to think on your feet, solve problems and juggle multiple responsibilities and tasks at once


Do you think you would be a good fit for the LOVEPIZZA team? If so here are some of the key numbers that you need to know.

  • Initial Franchise Fee: $30,000

  • Total start-up cost: $500,000 - $700,000

  • Minimum unencumbered capital required: 40% of total cost, $200,000 - $280,000

  • Royalty Fee: 5%

  • Marketing Fund Contribution: 2%

  • Single-unit and multi-unit opportunities are available across Canada


This is a big decision for everyone involved and there is a lot of time and effort that goes into opening a restaurant. As someone that is looking to join a franchise brand you want to make sure you are doing your homework and choosing the right brand for you. As a franchisor we need to make sure we are doing everything we can to award franchises to the right people. To ensure this process moves along smoothly and nothing is missed along the way we take a very structured approach right from the start. The information below outlines the major milestones along the way and provides a brief description of what is involved in each step.


Everything starts with the submission of our online Franchise Application which you can access through one of the links on this page. This simple form only takes a couple minutes to complete and gives us some important information to start a conversation about becoming a LOVEPIZZA franchise owner.


This part of the process includes an introductory video call, a detailed candidate profile and a number of other tasks, submissions and tests. The purpose of this is to get to know you better and for you to get to know LOVEPIZZA better. The most important thing for us is making sure this opportunity is the right fit for everyone.


This step will involve an in-depth face to face meeting where we will present and discuss all aspects of the LOVEPIZZA business and the franchise opportunity. There is a lot to cover in this meeting so you will need to be on your game and ready to take it all in.


At this stage you will be provided with a formal Franchise Disclosure Document which will include a copy of the LOVEPIZZA Franchise Agreement. You will complete a review of the documents and we will schedule some time to chat about the details of these documents.


We believe that before you make the decision to join LOVEPIZZA it is important that you spend a couple days in one of our restaurants. This will help you will get an understanding of the day to day operations. At this stage we require that all candidates spend two days working in a LOVEPIZZA restaurant.


At this point you will have made your way through our entire screening process and completed your review and assessment of the opportunity. It’s time to make a decision and sign the Franchise Agreement, the Initial Franchise Fee is paid at this time.

7---Site Selection.jpg

Our real estate team is constantly on the lookout for great locations for future LOVEPIZZA restaurants. Our team will work with you to identify and lease the right location for your franchise.


Once a lease has been signed it typically takes 90-120 days to complete the planning, design and permitting. Once construcion begins it typically takes 90 days to complete the build-out and get the restaurant ready for opening.


With construction & development underway you will go through your in-depth franchisee training program. This typically lasts 4 weeks and involves both in-store operational training as well as managerial. During this time you will also complete an extensive list of pre-opening tasks under our supervision.


It’s time to open the doors to your new LOVEPIZZA restaurant. A member of our Operations Team will spend approximately 3 weeks onsite (including before & after opening) to help get your restaurant ready for opening and provide you with support during your initial operations.


1. How long does it typically take to open a LOVEPIZZA franchise?

The most significant factor impacting the time to open is real estate. Once a lease has been signed for your franchise it typcially takes between 7-10 months to get the restaurant open for business if the space is available for possession in the near-term. If your lease includes a possession date that is further in the future your projected opening date would be approximately 90 days after you take possession of the space for construction & development.

2. How much money am I going to make as a LOVEPIZZA franchise owner?

While we are restricted by law from providing projections that are specific to your franchise location our Franchise Disclosure Document will give you an outline of sales and operating expenses for existing LOVEPIZZA locations.

3. Who is going to design and build my restaurant?

Our team of design and construction professionals will oversee the planning, design and construction of your restaurant. We have a specfic design criteria and equipment package for LOVEPIZZA along with the necessary experience to execute your build-out on time and on budget.

4. Does LOVEPIZZA offer multi-unit opportunities?

Yes, we offer single-unit and multi-unit franchise opportunities.

5. Do I have to have restaurant experience to be a LOVEPIZZA franchisee?

No, while restaurant experience is helpful it is not required. If you take a look above in the “Is LOVEPIZZA For Me?” section you will see what we are looking for in a franchise owner.

6. Does LOVEPIZZA offer financing?

No, we do not offer financing to franchisees. However, we can definitely assist you in this area and put you in touch with organizations that can assist with your financing and provide you with access to programs like the Canadian Small Business Financing Program.

7. I am interested in pursuing this opportunity with LOVEPIZZA further, what should I do next.

Click on the link below and complete our FRANCHISE APPLICATION, that will get the whole process started. We look forward to chatting with you soon.